English Teachers

St. Paul’s High School

Brother Austin, Brother Xavier and Miss Hong Kong (Amelia Kyi) taught us English at St. Paul’s High School.

Relieving teachers include Saya Lewis and Saya Tims.

Brother Xavier

Intermediate College

Daw Tinsa Maw Naing and Daw Khin Kyi Kyi taught English in our last ever I.Sc(A) class at Leik Khone in 1963.

Daw Tin Sa Maw Naing

  • Dr. Ba Maw (Sayama’s father) was a Lecturer in English in the early days at Rangoon University and was Adipati during the World War.
  • Bo Yan Naing (Sayama’s spouse) was a member of Thirty Comrades.
  • For some time Daw Tinsa was kept under surveillance and/or jailed by the authorities.
  • Sayama later moved to US to spend time with her children.
  • Kinsa Maw Naing (Sayama’s daughter) and Ko Tha Aung were core organizers for RIT Alumni gatherings in Canada.


We joined 2nd BE in November 1964. We had to study nine subjects including English.

English Department

RIT English Department Daw Yin Yin Mya (Terry, former Beauty Queen) was Head of Department. She later moved to Australia.

Daw Sheila Saing (brother of Drs. Harry, Victor and Shirley) was Deputy Head of Department. She and Dr. Zin Aung later moved to Thailand.

After a screening test, I was assigned to Saya Desmond Rodger’s class. Saya prefers “Des”. His hobbies include Scrabble, Music and Soccer. He performed at BBS. Saya later moved to UK and Canada where he studied and/or taught “English as a Specialty Language”. He published two books in Canada. I was a proof reader for his book on Vocabulary. He wrote articles for our Newsletter. It has details of his colleagues and former students.

U Win Mra was Pole Vaulting Champion and Burma’s Elvis Presley. He and Saya Des performed at BBS. Saya was Ambassador to several countries and UN. He served as Chair of Myanmar Human Rights Commission. Ko Khin Maung Lay (Mutu) was a member.

U Khin and Saya Des organized the RIT Scrabble Club and contests. They won prizes at the Scrabble tournaments at Guardian and YMCA. U Khin kept Chambers Dictionary and Jones Pronunciation Dictionary – used to verify challenge in Scrabble games — on his desk. Saya moved to Taiwan. He wrote an article for our newsletter.

Joe Ba Maung (GBNF) was National Tennis Champion for Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. He moved to Burma Railways. He was forced to retire after 8-8-88.

Sao Kan Gyi (Tony, GBNF) wrote columns with the pen name Khemarat. He and Saya Des organized the Debate between 1st BE and 2nd BE. Ahmed Soorma, Roland Thein (Khin Maung Win), Bobby Myo Tun, Walter Tan and Ko Zaw Min were some of the contestants.

U Kyaw Lwin Hla joined UNDP.

Naw Charity Sein U retired as Professor.

Daw Khin Saw Tint (Ann, GBNF) is a bilingual author. She was a great grandmother.

Daw Tin Tin Oo (Tony) joined her husband (who retired as Ambassador) on his foreign office assignments.

Daw Muriel and U Aung (Alfonso) moved to Thailand.

I may have missed some. Several more (e.g Daw Kin Kin Chit Maung) joined the department in later years.

Saya Sao Kan Gyi (Tony)
Sayama Naw Charity Sein U

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