Musical Instruments

Update : October 17, 2021

Burmese Music

The Burmese classify musical instruments as

  • Kyay
  • Kyo
  • Tha Yay
  • Lay
  • Let Khoke
  • Burmese Saing Waing has Jazz as a distant cousin.
    The musicians perform extemporaneously.
  • Burmese Dobat was common
    e.g. in Thingyan and Ah Hlu


Philharmonic orchestras have various sections. e.g. Wind, Brass

There are String Quartets

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass

During our younger days, most pop bands had

  • Lead guitar
  • Rhythm guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Drums

There are a variety of guitars

  • 12 string
  • Steel
  • Hawaiian
  • Acoustic
  • Electric

Some musicians play multiple instruments (e.g. at different times).

  • Paul McCartney usually plays the Bass guitar, but he sometimes also plays the piano.
  • George Harrison usually plays the Rhythm guitar, but he sometimes also plays the sitar.
  • U Aunt Gyi usually plays the Accordion, but he sometimes also plays the piano and the guitar.

A few play two instruments (e.g. harmonica & guitar) at the same time.

During our younger days, several foreign bands and musicians visited Burma

  • Benny Goodman (saxophone) and his band
  • Duke Ellington and his band
  • 13th US Air Force band
  • Musicians (via the Cultural Exchange Program)

There are advances in musical instruments.

  • The Synthesizer can simulate many musical instruments.
  • Composition and play back of musical instruments can be done with the aid of MIDI.

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