Start with P to T

RIT Alumni in Japan in 2002

Update : October 13, 2021

  • Dr. Taing Oke (ChE69)
  • Dr. Myo Khin (C70) & Daw Winsome (C73)
  • Daw Thin Thin Naing (Burmese dept 1970-78)
  • Ma than aye (1975-met)
  • Ma khin hnin yi (1976-ch)
  • Ma aye aye swe (1996-mech)
  • Ma moe thi da htwe (1994-mech)
  • Ma khin myint (1982-arch)
  • Ma sein sein (1975-ch)
  • Ma dwe ya (1986-Ec)
  • Ko kyaw shwe (76-mining)
  • Ko thein ngwe (76-ch)
  • Ko hla phone (85-elec)
  • Ko aung zaw min (93-mech)
  • Ko sun lin oo (1992)
  • Ko han htay (85-ch)
  • Ko myint swe (87-arch)
  • Ko soe min thu ya (95-civil)
  • Ko kyi moe lwin (91-mech)
  • Ko nyan tin (85-Ec)
  • Ko aung ko min (97-elec)
  • Ko win myint (86-Ec)
  • Ko moe oo (87-mech)
  • Ko aung myint (87-civil)
  • Ko myint lwin (86-Ec)
  • Ko nyan win (87-Ec)
  • Ko win pe (86-Ec)
  • Ko ba nyein (79-civil)
  • Ko than htite zaw (96-mech)
  • Ko maung maung tun (84-elec)
  • Ko min swe (77-civil)
  • Ko soe tint naing (85-elec)
  • Ko soe oo (86-mech)
  • Ko moe sun (86-mech)
  • Ko win kyaw(87-elec)
  • Ko khin maung hein (81-mech)
  • Ko ko (86-mech)
  • Ko min zaw (86-mech)
  • Ko kyi win (86-Ec)
  • Ko htun htun win (99-Ec)
  • Ko aung lin (70-mech)
  • Dr kyaw kyaw (75-ch)

If you want to contact someone or our group, please contact me.

Sayama daw thin thin naing & I attended ex-rit2002 singapore reunion & sayapuzawpwe. We donated US$700 for it.

With regards,
thein ngwe (ChE 76)

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