The Essence of Buddha Dhamma

Author : Dr. Mehm Tin Mon

First Printing, April 1995

Publisher : Mehm Tay Zar Mon Yadana Min Literature

Foreword : Sao Htun Hmat Win


Buddha’s Teachings

The significance of Abhidhamma

What is the mind?

An intellectual treat

The Essence of Buddha Abhidhamma



1. Citta (Consciousness)

2. Ctasikas (Mental Factors)

3. Pakinannaka (Miscellaneous Section)

4. Vithi (Process of Consciousness)

5. Vithimut or Bhumi (Planes of Existence)

6. Rupa (Matter)

7. Samuccaya (Compendium of Ultimate Realities)

8. Paccaya (Cause or Condition)

9. Kammatthana (Subjects of Meditation)




Abhidhamma Charts

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