Names : U, V, W, X, Y, Z

V : Name

  • V may stand for 5 or fifth.
  • V may appear in computer hardware and software names.
  • Pope John V (and certain names for Popes)
  • King George V (and popular names for Kings)
  • Gemini V (and certain names for space missions)


  • U Van Kulh (Minister)


  • Veronica King (Gangaw Tours)
    Spouse : Khin Maung Thwin
  • Veronica Myo Myint (UCC)


  • Bohmu Vernon Kyaw Tun
  • Vernon Stiles (Tin Tun, Burma Soccer Selected)
    Cousin : Norman Thant Zin


  • Victor Aung (Htay Aung, EC80, UCC)
    Spouse : Tin Tin Hlaing
    Children : William, Monica
  • Victor Aung Myin (M72)
  • Victor Chaw (Aung Chaw, U Okkantha, C69)
    Sibling : May Khin Chaw
  • Victor Htun Shein (RUBC Gold, ARAE Champion, GBNF)
    Brother : Tommy
  • Victor Khin Nyo (Musician)
  • Victor Koe (Dr. Kyaw Sein Koe, GBNF)
    Siblings : Robert, Kenneth, Kyaw Kyaw, Hla Hla
  • Victor Kyaw Phyo (Kyaw Phone Myint, SPHS, RIT)
  • Victor Kyaw Sein
    Siblings : Peter, Ruby
  • Victor Nyunt (Dr. Nyunt Wai, SPHS63)
  • Victor Saing (Dr. Aye Kyaw)
    Siblings : Harry, Sheila, Shirley
  • Victor Tan (U Tin Aung, Tekkatho Phone Kyaw)
    Spouse : Aye Thida


  • Victoria Simons (Met 71, Sayama)
    Father : Saya Simons (Workshop)
    Spouse : Tin Maung Nyunt
  • Vincent Chan
    Parents : Robert, Marina


  • Violet Zaw
    Spouse : Ko Ko Aye
    Siblings : Dais, Hector Zaw

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