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  • U Ba

Ba Aye

  • U Ba Aye
    He and his friends owned a Shop (that sold sports goods).
    Provided a Tennis Court for his children.
    Sons : Khin Maung Aye (Burma) and Tin Maung Aye played Tennis at the University
  • U Ba Aye
    High ranking Police Officer
    Spouse : Peggy taught at the Faculty of Social Science.

Ba Cho

  • Deedok U Ba Cho
    Minister / Arzani

Ba Din

  • Ba Din (Musician)

Ba Gyan

  • Pagan U Ba Gyan
    Minister : survived the shooting on July 19, 1947
    Brother : U Ba Shan
  • U Ba Gyan (Cartoonist)
    Cartoons were exhibited around Tazaungdaing in his honor.

Ba Gyaw

  • Ba Gyaw

Ba Han

  • Dr Ba Han
    Law Professor
    Compiled a Dictionary
    Brother : Dr Ba Maw
  • Dr. Ba Han (SPHS66)
    Psychiatrist, Texas

Ba Hein

  • Ba Hein
    Principal, No. 6 Botathaung SHS
  • Saw Ba Hein
    1936 Strike
    Children : Daisy, Edwin (Yi Thwe)

Ba Hla

  • U Ba Hla Oung
    Son : Aung Khin (7th July victim)

Ba Htan

  • U Ba Htan (Popa)

Ba Hpyu

  • U Ba Hpyu (Australia)
    Sons: Sein Lwin / Raymond, Than Naing / Herman

Ba Khet

  • Yebaw Ba Khet
    Wrote “Last days of Thakin Than Tun”

Ba Khin

  • U Ba Khin
    First in Burma
    First native Auditor General
    Vipassana Teacher

Ba Kyaw

  • Ba Kyaw
    Stage name of U Aung Kyaw Myint

Ba Lwin

  • U Ba Lwin
    Served as Head Master of the Myoma National School.
    Headed the Boy Scouts in Burma.
    Served as Burmese Ambassador to Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
    Children : U Kyaw Nyein, U Kyaw Thein, Dr. Yan Naing Lwin, U Than Lwin, …
  • Dr. Ba Lwin (EE59)
    Most senior EE Saya remaining from our days at RIT (along with Saya U Myo Kyi).

Ba Maung

  • U Ba Maung
    Son : Joe (Tennis), Patrick
  • U Ba Maung
    Son : Phillip (SPHS63, GBNF)
  • U Ba Maung
    Sports Officer, RU

Ba Maw

  • Dr. Ba Maw
    Lecturer in English, Rangoon University
    Leader of a political party
    Brother : Dr. Ba Han
  • Dr. Ba Maw (BBC)

Ba Min

  • U Ba Min (SPHS56, Mathematics, Astronomy)

Ba Myaing

  • U Ba Myaing
    Saya, SPHS

Ba Myint

  • U Ba Myint (EE)
    Retired as Pro-Rector, YTU
  • U Ba Myint (Education)

Ba Nyein

  • U Ba Nyein (BSPP)
  • Kyar Ba Nyein (Boxing)

Ba Nyunt

  • “Chit Dhukkha” U Ba Nyunt
    Served as Professor of History
    Accomplished vocalist
    Children : Win Nyunt, Win Oo, Aung Moe, Kyi Shwin
  • “Phaw Kaung” Ba Nyunt
    Government Witness in the trial of Galon U Saw

Ba Oo

  • U Ba Oo
    Sons : Tin Aung Moe / Eddie, Tekkatho Aung Maung / Reggie
  • U Ba Oo (Scrabble)

Ba Pe

  • Bagyi Ba Pe
    Led a political party

Ba Pu

  • Dr Ba Pu (Orthopedics)
    Brother in law : Dr. Pe Nyun, Dr. Pe Thein
  • Ba Pu
    Burma soccer selected

Ba Saing

  • Mahn Ba Saing

Ba San

  • U Ba San
    Son : Dr. Myo San / Freddie
  • U Ba San
    Son : Dr. Naing Tin San / Peter
  • U Ba San
    Daughter : Polly (Swimming)

Ba Sein

  • Thakin Ba Sein
    Mentor of U Ne Win

Ba Shin

  • Bohmu Ba Shin (Historical Commission)

Ba Soe

  • U Ba Soe (Gyobikauk)

Ba Swe

  • Yangon Ba Swe (Author, socialist)
    Sharp shooter : credited for shooting at Galon U Saw
  • U Ba Swe (aka Kyargyi Ba Swe, Dawei)
    Served as Defense Minister and briefly as Prime Minister
    Led the Swe-Nyein faction of AFPFL (aka Ti Mye or Stable AFPFL) with U Kyaw Nyein

Ba Than

  • U Ba Than
    Studied at Imperial College, University of London
    Retired as Professor and Head of Mechanical Engineering
    Donated back all the Garawa money that he received from the SPZPs and mini-PZPs. Offers soon kway on or around his birthday (October 2nd) and invites his former colleagues and students.
    Winner Inn is run by Sayagyi’s son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.
  • U Ba Than
    Founding member of the Kone The Gyi Myar Ah Thin
    Son : U Chit Po Po (M69, GBNF)
  • U Ba Than
    Son : Cyril (Than Hla, EE69er)
  • Saung U Ba Than
    Icon in Burmese music.
  • Dr. Ba Than
    Chief Surgeon, RGH
    MS, Japan Khit Say Yone
    Rector, IM(1)
    Otstanding soccer player
    Founder of “Zwe Ah Nyeint”
  • Dhammika U Ba Than
    Retired army officer
  • U Ba Than Aye (Myo Myint Lay, RIT, UCC, Army, GBNF)
  • U Ba Than Chain (UCC)
  • U Ba Than Haq
    Professor, Geology
    Retired as Pro-Rector, RASU

Ba Thaung

  • Thakhin Ba Thaung
    Founding member of “Dobama Asiayone”
    Credited for the slogan, “Thakin Myo Hei Dobama”
  • Bogyi [later Bohmu] Ba Thaung (“Maung Thuta”)
    Compiled the works of Burmese Sarsodaws for his Master’s thesis.
    Head of Burmese Department at DSA.
    Served as a member of the Burmese Language Commission.
  • U Ba Thaung
    Served as a member of the “Burma Trade”
    Son : Thaung Win
  • U Ba Thaung
    Son : Maung Maung Win (George)

Ba Thein

  • U Ba Thein
    Children : Peter, Than Than Nwe
  • U Ba Thein
    Son : Zaw Mon / Glen
  • Ba Thein Tin (BCP)

Ba Thwin

  • U Ba Thwin

Ba Tin

  • U Ba Tin
    Daughter : San San Tin (Cythia)

Ba Tu

  • U Ba Tu
    Daughter : Pale / Pearl

Ba Tun

  • U Ba Tun (RUBC)
  • U Ba Tun (Popa)

Ba U

  • Dr Ba U (President, Union of Burma)
    Succeeded Sao Shwe Thike
    Wrote “My Burma”
  • U Ba U
    Member, Tiger Scrabble team

Ba Yin

  • U Ba Yin
  • Dr. Ba Yin Aung
  • Ba Yin Gale (Jockey, artist)
    Many jockeys had to retire when the then No. 1 banned horse racing for the public.

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