RIT Dept

Supporting Departments

Early Days

In the early days, students who passed the two-year Intermediate of Science classes and satisfied the eligibility requirements (e.g 50+ marks in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) were admitted to the four-year Engineering course.

The engineering students had to attend Mathematics classes (e.g taught by Sayagyi U Ba Toke) in the RU Main Campus. Civil engineering students had to take Geology classes in the RU Main. It was common for the students to use bicycles to save time and energy.

New Education System

In November 1964, under the new Education System, matriculates were admitted to 1st BE using the controversial ILA system. Those who passed the last ever I.Sc(A) with Science option were admitted to 2nd BE based on total marks. Those who passed the last ever I.Sc(B) with Science option were admitted to 3rd BE.

Supporting departments (with Head) were established at RIT. They include

  • Burmese (U Tein Kyi …)
  • Chemistry (U Kyaw Tun, Daw Thaung Khin …)
  • English (Daw Yin Yin Mya, Daw Sheila Saing …)
  • Mathematics (U Sein Shan, U Shwe Hlaing …)
  • Physics (Daw Nyein, Daw May Than Nwe …)

Not sure if Geology (U Ngwe Thein, U Maung San …) was established as a supporting department or as a sub-department of an engineering department.

Daw Myint Myint Khin was RIT Librarian.

For some time (during the BSPP era) Political Science department (U Nyein Aung, U Tha Din …) existed.

There were Visiting Lecturers and/or part-time sayas

  • Electrical Inspection
  • Food Technology
  • Free hand drawing
  • Industrial Management
  • Programming
  • Sociology

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