Myo San (GBNF)

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Myo San (Seated right)
  • Also known as Freddie Ba San
  • Stood third in the whole of Burma in the Matriculation of 1963
  • Won Collegiate Scholarship
  • Mastered phonetics
  • Read lots of English books.
  • One would not be surprised that he scored distinctions in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  • A little bit older than us, and that might have given him a slight advantage in the early years.
  • Gave me a quiz. “How do you pronounce GHOTI?”
    I gave an answer which he corrected as “FISH”.
    He had read George Bernard Shaw, who posed the quiz as a lesson on the eccentricities of English.

GH is phonetically equivalent to F as in ROUGH.
O is phonetically equivalent to I as in WOMAN.
TI is phonetically equivalent to SH as in ATTENTION.
Thus, GHOTI is phonetically equivalent to FISH.

  • Became a surgeon
  • Stress caused him to take early retirement.
  • Sadly, he passed away.

He can be seen fifth from the left in the third row in the picture of Std VIII(A) of SPHS.

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Myo San (3rd row, 5th from left)

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