Class of 6X

Kyaw Nyunt (GBNF)

Kyaw Nyunt and Han Sein
Kyaw Nyunt visiting Pathein
Kyaw Nyunt in New York

Sad News for all RIT69ERS

  • Ko Kyaw Nyunt (M69) passed away unexpectedly yesterday evening (8 pm) at Victoria Hospital.
  • Funeral will be at Yae Wai on Monday (around 3 or 4 pm)
  • GBNF Sr. 88
  • Rest In Peace Bo Kyaw
  • Ko Kyaw Nyunt represented RIT in Tennis.
  • He retired from Irrigation Department. He is a Patron of the group to support former employees (retirees) from Irrigation Department.
  • He visited East Coast of USA regularly to see his son.
  • He told Ko Aung Min that he could not attend a recent 69er gathering because of a medical condition (that might be related to diabetes). He had medical checkups.

From Ivan Lee (M69, New Jersey, USA)

To Ko Kyaw Nyunt and family,

Mingyan native, very honest and straight forward, not only classmate but also close friend. His beloved wife Khin Aye Aye graduated from Law School. Both obtained US free cards, recently thinking to move to US close to their son family.

At RIT time his most valuable performance was he was a tennis Champion among the Universities of Rangoon representatives from RIT at fifth year. His mentor was Ko Thet Myint (T69) who and Thit Swe (T68) were my Mandalay High School classmates from Mingyan and Kyaing gone.

He and Khin Aye Aye visited in me last September. We lived like a family. We talked about our classmates and shared our memories and stories. I played accordion while they sang the Myanmar ancient Mar Mar Aye songs and our time Win Oo pop songs for many hours. Khin Aye Aye showed me how to cook the upper Burma way of Myanmar Traditions foods. They like my Spanish Payola Sea food and Shan Mee Sha (sour and spicy rice noodle). We did have good time and happy hours whenever he visited me. We miss him.

Wait for me there or wherever you are, my dear friend Kyaw Nyunt. We will meet again, sooner or later. May your soul be in peace.

April 21,2019

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