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Civil Engineering

Early Days

First classes offered in 1924 to two sets of students : B.Sc. graduates for a “compressed” 3-year course and eligible I.Sc. passed for a regular 4-year course. Details can be found in the article by U Hla Maung (1928 grad) for RU Golden Jubilee Magazine in 1970; and the History of Myanmar Engineering Education book published in 2012. The early sayas were British and Indian.

RIT Alumni Newsletter

RIT Alumni International Newsletter and ex-rit.org published several articles by Civil alumni and sayas. They include articles by U Aw Taik Moh (C54) Saya Dr. San Hla Aung (C58) U Myint Khine (Norman, C63) Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi Sayagyi U Min Wun Saya Allen Htay (C58, GBNF) …

Civil Engineering Sayas

Sayagyi U Ba Hli was the first native Dean of Engineering. Earlier, he served as Professor of Civil Engineering and Principal of GTI.

Saya U Mya Han served as Professor before moving to industry. His company interned and hired Civil Engineers.

Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi received his BS and MS from MIT, and his doctorate from University of Alberta. He retired as Rector. He gave a key note speech at SPZP-2000 emphasizing the importance of Health and Emotional Intelligence. I was an Ei Hmyaung at two dinner gatherings in Myanmar given to Sayagyi and Ma Ma Emma. Sayagyi also hosted us during our visit to Canada. Thanks.

Sayagyi U Min Wun taught Surveying in our 2nd BE class in 1964. Saya Dr. Aung Soe (C61) led the practical sessions. Sayagyi retired as Professor and Head of Civil. Sayagyi received his BS from MIT and MS from Cornell (specializing in Photogrammetry). Sayagyi is a founding member and EC of MARB. His expertise include Astronomy and Astrology. Both sayas were early supporters of RIT Alumni International Newsletter.

Saya Allen Htay (GBNF), Saya Dr. San Hla Aung and Saya Dr. Win Thein (GBNF) are from the class of C58.

Saya Allen Htay received MS from Harvard University. He led the SF Bay Area Alumni Group and served as President of RIT Alumni International (which hosted SPZP-2000). His article “Brother, can you afford $500?” resulted in Golden Sponsors for SPZP-2000. Saya also served as President of RIT Photography Association.

Saya Dr. San Hla Aung received MS from MIT and his doctorate from Tulane University. He retired teaching at the age of 80. Saya served as Line Judge at RUBC regattas. He was also President of RIT Rowing & RIT Swimming Associations.

Saya Dr. Win Thein retired as Professor and Head. Several batches of students donated medical expenses for Saya.

Saya U Myint Lwin (C61) and Saya U Thein Tan (C64) are excellent rowers.

Saya U Khin Maung Phone Ko (C65) was a famous cartoonist and a Patron of the RIT Cartoon Box.


Saya Dr. Myo Khin (C70) and U Saw Lin (C71) served as Secretary of the RIT Civil Association.

Dr. Myo Khin and Daw Mya Nwe (C73) donated K100 lakhs for YTU Library Modernization.

U Saw Lin was a Core Organizer for SPZP-2012. He wore multiple hats : Head of Security & Logistics, Chief Editor of commemorative Swel Daw Yeik Magazine, Coordinator for Reprint of 23 RIT Annual Magazines …

Saya U Myat Htoo (C68) served as President of TBSA and BADA. He is a founding member of RIT Alumni international and served as emcee for SPZP-2000. He is also a founding member of Norcal RITAA and Chair of BOD. He wrote, played and sung a parody of “Lost Neikban” at 2015 Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles.


Several C69ers joined the faculty. They include U Nyi Hla Nge, Dr. Htin Aung, Dr. Khin Maung Win, U Khin Maung Tint, U Hla Myint, U Hla Myint Thein …

U Nyi Hla Nge served as Professor, Rector before becoming Dy. Minister.

Dr. Htin Aung was Chinlon selection and also played badminton and soccer. He retired as Professor.

After retirement as Associate Professor, Dr. Khin Maung Win taught in Malaysia.

U Khin Maung Tint served as Secretary of RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Ah Thin. He found a Minthamee as his soul mate.

U Hla Myint and U Hla Myint Thein have successful business. They also volunteer as Consultants to selected monasteries.

Daw Myint Myint is a major donor to the 69er Health Care Fund and 69er activities. She also donated K150 Lakhs to YTU Library Modernization project.

U Han Sein (GBNF) represented RIT in Swimming, Diving, Water Polo and Basketball. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by Adhamma authorities, and served 17 years. Since most 69ers were unaware, he was inadvertently listed as GBNF in the Group’s Address Book (for the 30th Anniversary of Graduation) and thus became a Tone Kyaw.


GBNF list include Sayas :

Saya H Num Kok
  • H Num Kok
  • Allen Htay
  • Dr. Win Thein
  • U Ngwe Tun
  • U Win Maung
  • U Myint Soe
  • U Aye Win Kyaw
  • U Khin Maung Maung


  • Part time sayas include U Tin U, Percy Lao, Dr. San Lin, U Kyaw San (GBNF) …
  • Burma selected include Kyaw Htin (soccer) …
  • Saya U Aye Win Kyaw (C70, GBNF) was a founding member and EC of BARB.
  • Saya U Aung (C70, Maung Aw) was involved in providing help to selected schools.
  • Saya Madan Chand (C70) was wrongly assigned to G-hall.
  • Saya Dr. Soe Thein (C75) was organizer and web master for SPZP-2007.
Saya Allen Htay at SPZP-2000
Saya U Tin U
Saya Dr. Aung Gyi
HMEE-2012 Book
CD Supplement for HMEE-2012
Saya Allen Htay
Saya U Ba Hli

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