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Aung Min

There are several alumni named Aung Min.

U Aung Min (Pet73, GBNF)

U Aung Min (Pet73) has passed away.

U Wynn Htain Oo (M72) earlier reported that U Aung Min tried to have medical treatment in Thailand and in an ICU in Yangon, and that there was about 60% chance of recovery.

U Aung Min (M69)

  • He was my classmate in I.Sc.(A) at Leik Khone. Our Roll Numbers (ordered by name) were close; so, we had lectures, tutorials and labs together.
  • He is the Chair of the 69er HCF (Health Care Fund). He sends monthly reports of the income and expenses of the 69er HCF, and also a list of GBNF.
  • He is also a core organizer of the 69er gatherings. The default venue of the monthly breakfast gatherings is “Taw Win Hnin Si” (Royal Rose Restaurant).

U Aung Min (M69) wrote :

Breakfast Gathering

We will have monthly breakfast gathering in the morning of 27th April Saturday.

Ko Mehm Aye Chan (Ohn Maung) will be the host for his birthday.

All classmates of any discipline are cordially invited

We know do not know who will be GBNF 89.

Donation for SPZP2019

The Collection of Donations for SPZP 2019 (to be held on December 14, 2019) are in process.

Soon Kwyay

The Yet Lei Soon Kyway for U Kyaw Nyunt (M69) will be held on April 26, 2019.

U Aung Min (EC66)

He lives in Yangon.

He visits his children overseas (Singapore, Australia, …)

Saya U Aung Min

He was a saya at the Physics Department during our I.Sc. days.

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