Start with K to O

Local Talent

The English section of BBS (Burma Broadcasting Service) had a program for Local Talents.

  • A typical session is allocated 15 minutes.
  • An individual or a group can sing or play about five songs.
  • A typical remuneration is 45 Kyats per session.

Groups and Individuals

  • Dream Makers (Reggie Ba Oo, Eddie Ba Oo, …)
  • Immanuel Four (Members of the Immanuel Church)
  • LPJ (Love Peace and Joy) (Victor Khin Nyo, Thein Tan, …)
  • Playboy (Thann Naing, Tommy Kyaw Naing, Kyaw Naing, …)
  • TAMPS (Tin Aung, Austin Xavier, Mra Tun, Pierpont Morgan and Sydney Sann Aung)
  • Shamrock Boys (Nyi Nyi and Myint Soe)
  • Win Sisters (Joyce Win [Nwe Yin Win], Hilda Win)
  • Super Star (Peter Ba Thein, Han Ngwe Tun [Raymond], …)
  • The Wild Ones (Paw brothers, …)
  • Victor Ohn Maung
  • Ricky Zaw
  • Andrew Kong
  • Saya Des Rodgers

Some people (e.g. Thein Tan, Reggie Ba Oo) played on more than one group.

A few own a set of Guitars (Lead, Rhythm, Bass, Steel, Hawaiian, 12 String, …), Percussion, Keyboard.

Several later turned professional.

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