“GROW” model

G : Goal
R : Reality check
O : Options
W : What [are you willing to commit]?

Example :

G : Goal

Compile “ORAL HISTORY” and “WRITTEN HISTORY” of our alma mater, sayas and alumni

R : Reality check

No response yet.
Seems like sayas, sayamas and alumni have busy schedules.

O : Options

(1) Look for a small “core” group willing to give their time and energy to jump start the project.

Give young and not so young sayas and alumni a chance to see the glorious and sad past, to seize the opportunity to highlight the “Swel Daw Yeik” spirit with the aid of multiple media, and to leave raw data for professional historians and inquiring minds to enhance “History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar”.

(2) Gracefully retire at the end of two decades as a volunteer messenger and amateur historian with the HOPE that someone or some group will carry on our unfinished tasks.

W : What are we willing to commit?

We should start with baby steps.
We do not need formal interviews.
Collectively, we can record (audio and video) conversations and discussions at informal gatherings and formal events such as SPZPs (Saya Pu Zaw Pwes).
Editing will be done as time and energy permits.
Once we have “critical mass”, a large scale project will be undertaken with the help of sponsors, dedicated volunteers and well-wishers.

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