A long long time ago, a Hack is considered to be a “useful and/or beautiful piece of code.”

Some people, who worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) laboratories working on Computer Projects, preferred working on code rather than attending courses. They feel proud of their Hacks and are addressed as “Hackers”.

Ethical and Unethical Hackers

With changing times, unethical Hackers emerged. The worst — known as Criminal Hackers — are referred to as “Crackers”, but most people do no know or care about the difference between ethical and unethical Hackers.

Ethical Hackers try to break the security of computer systems and applications, and then propose solutions to defend the possible attacks of Unethical Hackers.

Unethical Hackers inflict damage to hardware, software and data systems. They may steal & sell sensitive information. One study says that Unethical Hacking is safer and lucrative than peddling drugs (which can lead to imprisonment and death in some countries). The underground business for malware (viruses, Trojan horses, ransomware) is valued at multi-billion dollars.

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