Start with F to J


During the design phase, the product manager and the developers categorize the requirements as

  • Must have
  • Nice to have.

During extensive testing and often much later, bugs (of varying severity) show up. Some subtle errors are dubbed “features”.

Features of Facebook

In group photos with Yours Truly, Facebook would tag me as my brother. The error might be due to the

  • Imperfect facial recognition system
  • Unintentional tagging by some user hitting the wrong key when asked to tag
  • Guesstimate (“guess estimate”) algorithm to “match” faces and names (in the post)

I would often get friend requests from some questionable Facebook users.

  • There are several who belong to 50+ groups.
    Not sure whether they are Robots, Spammers or People with lots of free time
  • The meaning of a friend (e.g. A friend in need is a friend indeed) has been “downgraded”.
  • Some have no photos and bare info on their timeline / profile.

The “View As” feature contributed to an opportunity for data miners, hackers and crackers.

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