Architecture, Metallurgy and Mining Sayas (GBNF)

Architecture Sayas

U Tha Tun

  • Head of Department
  • Frequent guest at my late uncle’s house
  • Saya is remembered in the article “Two songs” by Saya Dr. Koung Nyunt (A67) — written with the assistance of U Than Tun (A65).

U Kyaw Min

  • Eldest son of Wunna Kyaw Htin U Ba Gyaw and Daw Aye Kyi.
  • Studied at MIT
  • Taught part-time at the Architecture Department
  • Pen name : “Bi Thu Kar” Kyaw Min.
  • Founding member and EC, BARB
  • Passed away at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, the 1st of July 1999 at the Rangoon General Hospital where he was receiving treatment for a liver ailment since March 1998.

Dr. Koung Nyunt

  • Saya in 1967
  • Doctorate from Japan
  • Contributed articles and photos for “RIT Alumni International Newsletter”
  • Passed away in Auckland, New Zealand

Sai Yee Laik

  • Stood first and last in the Class of A68


  • Need info

Metallurgy Sayas

U Thit

  • BS from Lehigh University
  • MS from Melbourne University
  • Retired as Head of Department
  • Wrote a brief history of the RIT Metallurgy Department
  • Passed away in Australia

Dr. Khin Maung Win

  • BS from Mandalay University
  • Worked at MU and UBARI
  • MS and Ph.D from US
  • Transferred to Technical, Agricultural and and Vocational Education


  • Dr. Saw Pru

Mining Sayas

U Soe Khaw

  • BS from Berkeley
  • MS from Missouri School of Mines
  • Taught part-time and served as Head of the Mining Department at BOC College
  • Worked for the Ministry of Mines
  • Retired after working for UN in Thailand
  • Moved to USA
  • Attended SPZP-2000

U Soon Sein

  • Maw Gun Win (Third Grade)
  • Retired as Professor and Head of the Mining Department
  • Moved to USA
  • Invited saya by phone to attend SPZP-2000, but he declined citing health reasons

U Win Kyaing

  • Head of Petroleum Engineering Sub-Department under the Mining Engineering
  • Nick name : “Ngu Yin Kong Kee”.
  • Spouse : Sayama Daw Muriel Tun Gyaw
  • Nephew : Ko Maurice Chee (M75)


  • U Kyaw Tint

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