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Update : October 14, 2021

Bagyee U Myo Myint (Myat Myo Myint)

  • U Myo Myint (M73) is a distinguished artist.
  • Designed the covers of RIT Annual Magazines and the commemorative Swel Daw Yeik Magazines.
  • Displayed his paintings at SPZP-2016 and donated the proceeds of the sales of his paintings to the Organizing Committee.
    He let U Myo Aung and me join for a group photo. Thanks.
  • Drew Pon Tus of sayas and sayamas and gave them as “Garawa” gift.
  • Saya U Kyaw Sein (M65, GBNF) compiled the Pon Tu of about 70 sayas and sayamas.
    Saya U Tin Lin (ChE72) annotated the photos.
    The post is re-posted in RIT Updates.
    The following are some Pon Tu from that Album

Architecture Sayas

U Myo Myint Sein (A)

Chemical Engg Sayas

U Khin Aung Kyi (Ch, Rector)
Dr. Maung Maung Win (Ch, GBNF)
Daw Tin Myint (Ch)
U Myat Thwin (Ch)
U Maung Maung (George, Ch)
U Htun Aung Kyaw (Ch)
Dr. Taing Oke (Ch)
U Tin Lin (Ch)

Civil Engg Sayas

Dr. Aung Gyi (C, Rector)
U Min Wun (C)
U Khin Maung Phone Ko (C)
U Nyi Hla Nge (C, Rector, Dy Min)
Dr. Htin Aung (C)
Dr. Myo Khin (C)

Electrical Engg Sayas

U Sein Hlaing (E)
U Myo Kyi (E)
U Ba Myint (E)
U Moe Aung
U Thein Dan (E)

Mechanical Engg Sayas

U Aung Khin (M)
U Ba Than (M)
U Tin Htut
U Maung Maung Win (M)
Dr. Tin Win (M)
S Arya (M, GBNF)
S Kyaw Aye (M)
U Win (M)
Dr. Tin Hlaing (M)
U Phone Myint (M)
U Kyaw Sein (M, GBNF)
U Tu Myint (M)
U Tin Maung Oo (M, GBNF)
U Khin Maung Tin (M)
U Aung Myint (M)

Metallurgy Sayas

U Aung Hla Tun (Met)
Dr. Khin Maung Win (Met, GBNF)
U Pe Win (Met, Rector)
U Tin Maung Nyunt (Met)
U Win Kyaw (Met)
U Thein Aung (Met)
U Nyunt Htay (Met)
U Mya Tin U (Met)

Mining & Pet Sayas

U Aung Than (Min)
Dr. Thein Hlyne (Min)
U Myint Soe (Min)
U Win Kyaing (Pet)

Textile Sayas

U Maung Maung Than (T, Rector, GBNF)
U Shwe Yee (Tex)

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  1. As an artist engineer myself, I got and bought his great painting that was one over his head in the photo shown at Sayar.
    The painting was now shown in my living room with my other drawings and memorable group photos of us 1972 RIT Civil
    Uzawpwe .


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