PPBRS Memories (7)

Saw Oo, Kyi Kyi Tin and Tin Tin Aye

There are several sets of siblings who attended PPBRS.

One set consists of

  • Saw Oo
  • Kyi Kyi Tin
  • Tin Tin Aye

Saw Oo retired from Co-op.

Kyi Kyi Tin majored in Chemistry. She taught at Workers’ College. She attended DAC at UCC.

She taught at Assumption University (formerly known as ABAC) and also organized dhamma talks and retreats for visiting Sayadaws.

On Octoeber 24, 2019, she visited Saya Dr. Mya Than and offered Garawa money on behalf of the PBRS Alumni.

Kyi Kyi Tin wrote :

This evening I went to pay homage to Dr. Mya Than at his residence offering him with contribution from PBRS alumni. 350000 Kyat and U$100. May i share these merits to u all.

Dr Mya Than
Dr. Mya Than and Kyi Kyi Tin

Tin Tin Aye majored in Chemistry. She also attended Computer Courses at UCC.

Kenneth San and Margaret San

The siblings were originally from Ye Aye Kwin Taunggyi.

They moved to Rangoon and attended PPBRS.

According to a mutual friend (Ko Tin Myint [M69]), Kenneth San worked for the Department of Religious Affairs.

Not sure about his younger sister Margaret San.

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