Month: September 2021

Kyaw Sein (M65, GBNF)

Matriculated from St. John’s Diocesan Boys’ School. Joined the Mechanical Engineering Department, Rangoon Institute of Technology in 1965. Known as U Kyaw Sein (1)Dr. Kyaw Sein (M65) was then known as U Kyaw Sein (2) Taught Engineering Drawing Expert in AutoCAD Hobby : Tinkering with gadgets Moved to […]

Saw Lin (C71, GBNF)

Served as Secretary of the RIT Civil Engineering Association Publisher of the MES Technical Digest Chair of the SPZP-2012 Preparation/Implementation Committee with four (or more) subcommittees Chief Editor of the Commemorative Issue of “Swel Daw Yeik Magazine” for SPZP-2012 Publisher of limited reprints of the 23 (or so) […]