Month: September 2021

Tin Myint (M67, GBNF)

Background Also known as David Ko Golden Sponsor of SPZP-2000. Donated $3000 to SPZP-2012 Donated to NorCal RITAA and sponsored table for the Annual Dinner Sponsored “ya-han-khan” (ordination) ceremonies for his employees (which included several RIT graduates) Donated to the general and building funds of various monasteries in […]

Kyaw Sein (M65, GBNF)

Matriculated from St. John’s Diocesan Boys’ School. Joined the Mechanical Engineering Department, Rangoon Institute of Technology in 1965. Known as U Kyaw Sein (1)Dr. Kyaw Sein (M65) was then known as U Kyaw Sein (2) Taught Engineering Drawing Expert in AutoCAD Hobby : Tinkering with gadgets Moved to […]