• Yan
    Burmese name
  • Yachting / Sailing
    U Maung Maung Lwin
    Dr Richard Yu Khin
    Dr. Khin Thein (Victor Thein Maung)
    Dr. Tun Thein (George Thein Maung)
    U Htoo Aung Gyi
  • Yadaya / Change
  • Yangon / Rangoon
  • Yangon University
  • Yangon University of Foreign Languages / YUFL
  • Yaw
    Burmese name
  • Ye
    Burmese name
  • YIT / Yangon Institute of Technology
    Name changed from RIT
  • YSE / Youth Society for Education
    Fund raiser
  • YTU / Yangon Technological University
    Name changed from YIT
  • YTU Library Modernization Project
    Upgrade library
    Training of Library staff
  • YTU Meeting
  • Young Volunteers
  • Yu
    Burmese name
  • Zartar
    Burmese Natal Horoscope
  • Zaw
    Burmese name
  • Zero
    The Dawn of Nothing
  • Zeya
    Burmese name
  • Zoology
    Dr. Ko Ko Gyi
    U Sein Lwin
  • Zoom
    Zoom in
    Zoom out
    Zoom lens
    Zoom meeting

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