• I
    Names starting with I
  • Idioms
  • Independence
    January 4 (Burma / Myanmar)
    July 4 (USA)
  • Independence Day
    Independence Day Regatta
    in 1948
    in 1959
  • Inlay / Inle
    Lake in Shan State
    Phaungdaw-u Festival
    Luyechun Camp
  • Intake
  • Intake of 64 and 65
    admitted to 1st BE in 1964 and 1965
    Monthly Meeting
    Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe
  • Intake of 83
    Due to school closure, took three more years to graduate
  • International Business Machines (IBM)
    Early : Unit record machines
    IBM System 360
    IBM System 370

  • International Computers Limited (ICL)
    Early : Unit record machines
    ICL 1900 series
    ICL 2900 series

  • International Tipitaka Chanting
    Started at Berkeley, California for USA
  • It seemed not long ago

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