• H
    Names starting with H
  • Half Moon Bay Monastery
    Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay, Northern California
    Supported by TBSA
  • Han (Burmese name)
  • Health Care
    For eligible RIT Sayas and Sayamas
    Frequent visit to clinics
    Annual Medical checkup
    Annual Vision checkup
  • Health Care Fund (HCF)
    69er HCF
    EE69er HCF
  • Hein / Hane (Burmese name)
  • Help
    For Nar Yay in the USA
  • Heritage
    Yangon Heritage Society
    Methodist English High School (MEHS)
    Myoma National School
    St. John’s Diocesan High School (Dio)
    St. Paul’s High School (SPHS)
    Thit Pote Pin (in RU Campus)
  • High Jump
    Straddle Jump
    Fosbury Flop (started by Dick Fosbury, USA)
  • High School Final (HSF)
  • Hiking and Mountaineering
  • Historians
    Prof. H Luce
    U Ba Nyunt (Chit Dukkha)
    Dr. Kyaw Thet
    Dr. Than Tun
    Bohmu Ba Shin
    U Tun Aung Chein
  • History
    Computer History Museum
    Oral History
    Written History
    History of Myanmar Engineering Education (HMEE)

  • Hla (Burmese name)
  • Hla Min
    Life Long Learner
    Educational Videos
    Web sites
  • Hlaing (Burmese name)
  • Horse racing
    Rangoon Turf Club
  • Htay (Burmese name)
  • Htay Lwin Nyo (Poem)
  • Htein / Htain (Burmese name)
  • Htoo (Burmese name)
  • Htoon / Htun/ Toon / Tun (Burmese name)
  • Htwe / Htway (Burmese name)

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