Month: April 2021

Metta (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #174January 10, 2021 Four Byamaso Taya MettaUnbounded Love / Loving Kindness KarunaCompassion MuditaAltruistic Joy or Sympathetic Joy UppekkhaEquanimity Metta Pali termWritten in Burmese as Myitta Rendered asUnbounded LoveLoving Kindness One of the four Bhamaso Taya or Bhama Vihara (along with Karuna, Mudita, and Uppekha) Practiced […]

Commerce (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #October 14, 2020 Text Update : January 5, 2021 Introduction Started as OPTION of Economics Department in the Faculty of Social Science Became a separate department Later : department in the Institute of Economics Sayas Saw William PawProfessor and Head of DepartmentChair, Rangoon University Sports […]

Communication (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #198January 16, 2021 Some Aspects Public Speaking Telecommunications Telephony and Telegraphy Convergence of Computing and Communication Secure Communications Secure Channel A Secure Channel is based on the concept that it is difficult if not impossible to access the messages passing through the channel. At one […]

VB : Soccer

Video Broadcast : #70October 25, 2020 Text Update : January 13, 2021 Football (in Myanmar) DivisionsFirst Division : played at BAA / Aung San Stadium Knock out TournamentDunlop League PlayPoints : 2 for Win, 1 for TieBottom teams get relegated Inter State and Division (ISD)Shan States : Inaugural […]

Three (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #175January 15, 2021 Numerals Triple Gems Tipitaka (Three Baskets) Trinity Most well-known Hindu Gods Early NASA Projects Apollo Crew Apollo Modules Musical Envelope Prime constituents of an atom Persuasion Techniques Typical Toastmasters Meeting Three-valued Logic Essay (and most writings) Medals Measurement of Time Angular Measure […]

VB : My Dream

Video Broadcast : #001August 18, 2020 Text Update : January 18, 2021 “If one can dream, others can fulfill.” It was true of Jules Verne.He dreamed of sending three men to orbit the Moon and returning them back safely to earth. I have two dreams fulfilled :(a) to […]

VB : Memory

Video Broadcast : # 004 Text Update : January 12, 2021 Types There are several types of memory Study The study of memory transcends medical research, sociology, linguistics, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. It is often done by a team of multi-disciplinary experts. Aging contributes loss of short […]

December 1920 (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #002 Text Update : January 16, 2021 In December 1920, there were three significant events. On December 1, 1920, Rangoon University was established with Rangoon College and Judson College as the constituent colleges. The colleges are also known by other names (e.g. Government College, Baptist […]