Month: April 2021

VB : Yadaya

Video Broadcast : #170January 2, 2020 Yadaya U Myint Sein (BARB) Folklore According to folk lore, a student went to study at Tekkatho (Tekka Sila) to study under Ditha Par Mauk Kha (Professor). The professor was an expert in Veda. He saw that some calamity (probably death) will […]

VB : Essay

Video Broadcast : # Background Characteristics An essay usually has three (or more) paragraphs An essay for a test / competition may have a length limitation(e.g. maximum number of words) Presentation style can vary I once wrote “My life as a fighter bomber” (trying to bomb the Nazi […]

VB : Encyclopedia

Video Broadcast : # Early Encyclopedias “Chamber’s Cyclopaedia” was one of the earliest encyclopedias. It covered 40+ subjects. In our younger days, we had “Pear’s Soap” and “Pear’s Cyclopaedia”. The company was probably building its brand name by supporting the publication of an encyclopedia. Encyclopedia Britannica My uncle […]

VB : Sayadaw U Silananda

Video Broadcast : #172January 3, 2021 U Silanandabhivamsa (1927 – 2005) Sayadaw’s name is Silananda. He became Silanandabhivamsa when he passed the Abhivamsa (tough monastic examination in Mandalay to be completed before the age of 26). I will use both names where appropriate. 75th Birthday in 2002 86th […]

VB : Pali

Video Broadcast : #October 24, 2020 Introduction Pali Daw Gyi : reference to the Theravada Buddhist Sacred Texts / Canon Pali : Early language Alphabet Four parts of speech Rangoon University Option in Oriental Studies Became separate Department Early Sayas Early Graduate Dictionary U Pe Maung Tin Sayagyi […]