Month: April 2021

Mining Engineering (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #159December 28, 2020 Discipline Schoolse.g. Colorado School of Mines DegreesBA, BS, BASMA, MS, MAS degreesPh.D Subjects and Related fieldsGeologyExcavationVentilationMineralsMining techniquesProject Management (e.g. Exploration, Feasibility study, Production)Environmental LawsOther engineering disciplines BOC College of Engineering and Mining U Soe Khaw Part-time Lecturer and Head of Mining DepartmentWorked […]

SPZP (Notes)

Video Broadcast : # Saya Pu Zaw Pwe (SPZP) is a noble tradition There have been seven RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwes. SAYA PUZAW PWE Background In April 1999, I started the “RIT Alumni International Newsletter”. At the request of Saya U Soe Paing, U […]

Chinlon (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #162December 29, 2020 Background Chinlon might be played in Myanmar since the Pyu Khit Mentioned in Bagan Khit Highly probable in Kone Baung Khit Game Talent display at festivals and goodwill events Competition Typical : five players in a team Some rounds require specific styleA […]

Visits (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #164December 30, 2020 2012 March 2012 Host / Transportation : Ko Ohn Khine (M70) and Ko Saw Lin (C71, GBNF) Met Ko Aung (C70), Ma Mai Khin Nyunt (Rosie, ChE71) … Preparations for HMEE-2012 and SPZP-2012 Received preview copy of RIT Selected Cartoons fom Ko […]

Chemical Engineering (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #163December 30, 2020 BeginningApplication of Chemistry to Industry and/or EngineeringWork Unit and Process Flow Related to several disciplines / subjects Applications : Plants, Factories, Refineries, Paper Mills, … Saya U Khin Aung Kyi (GBNF)7th in Burma in Matriculation of 1949BS and MS in ChE from […]

Data (Notes)

Video Broadcast #166December 31, 2020 Data Raw data Clean data Processed data Field data Experimental data Structured data Semi-structured data Unstructured data Data representation Data format Database Data Processing (Scientific, Business) Data storage Data science Data integrity Data accuracy Data validation Fact check Fake news Deep fake

Badminton (Notes)

Video Broadcast : # Game Refinement of early games (e.g. Shuttlecock) Started in India Made popular by the British Named after a place called Badminton, where the game flourished Players Rudy Hartono (Indonesia) Competitive players from Malaysia (especially Doubles) Saya U Yu Khin (Dean, Chair, RU Sports Council) […]

VB : Textile Engineering

Video Broadcast : #165January 1, 2021 Discipline Design and production of fabricsNatural Synthetic Current offerings in universities include a multi-disciplinary program (e.g. Textile, Chemical and more) Textile Sayas U Maung Maung Than (GBNF) Matriculated in 1949 along with Dr. Aung Gyi, U Min Wun and U Khin Aung […]