Set Hmu Thadin Zin

From 1964 to around 1974

Founder : U Win Thein (M67, GBNF)

Editors and Contributors :

  • U Pe Oo (M67, Secretary)
  • U Aung Myint (M67, GBNF)
  • U Myint Pe (M72, Cartoon)
  • Daw Tin Aye (C73)
  • U Myint Thin
  • Dr. Chan Nyein (M67)
  • U Aye Lwin (M69, Secretary)
  • U Zaw Min (Secretary)
  • U Khin Maung Thann (M72, Secretary)
  • U Myo Myint (Bagyee)
  • Daw Than Yi (EP70, Maubin Ma Shwe Than, Contributor)
  • Maung Sein Win (Padeegone)
  • Non Jar Thaing

Mechanical Newsletters

“Set Hmu Thadin Zin” was founded by U Win Thein (M67, GBNF) in the 1964-65 Academic Year.

The weekly newsletter was sold by volunteers [mostly along the corridors] for ten pyas.

The Thadin Zin not only covered the news, but was a fertile breeding ground for poets, essayists, authors and cartoonists

I wrote a few short notes for the Thadin Zin using my pen name “Tekkatho Ga [Nge] Ga [Gyi] Na [Nge] Na [Gyi]”.

I saw the dexterity with which U Win Thein cut the Stencil (also known Gestener and Wax paper) with his meticulous handwriting.

During my visit to Yangon in 2012, I received a CD of Mechanical Newsletters (for 1968-69 to 1973-74). They were compiled by an alumni couple U Kyaw Thein and Daw Than Than Mu.

Hope some sayas and alumni have hard or soft copies of the inaugural newsletter.

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