Overseas Burmese Publications

U Aung Myint (Henry Lim) attended RIT but left for USA before graduation. He served as Associate Editor for the commemorative issue of “RIT Alumni International Newsletter” for SPZP-2000. He published “Shwe (Golden) Padauk” Magazine in Northern California. He later published “Dawinthee (Durian)” Magazine. At that time, he had a medical problem and his doctors asked him not to stress himself out. Both publications are dead. He had a kidney transplant and is now healthy.

Mandalay Gazette was published in Southern California. Dr. Maung Maung Kyi served as Editor and/or Publisher.

Myanmar Gazette is still being published in Southern California. It is available online via Scrib-d. Ko Kai (M) has multiple names and multiple roles.

Ahara Magazine was published in Japan. I earlier received a few copies from U Kyaw Win.

Mizzima News is based in India.

Irrawaddy News was published in Thailand. U Aung Zaw served as Editor and/or Publisher.

Moe Ma Ka News is published in San Francisco Bay Area. It has a web site. It published limited printed editions.

Editor’s Notes

  • The Publishers, Editors and Locations may change over time.
  • Some publications are available on the Internet.

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