Zero (Supplementary Notes)

Video Broadcast : #142
December 19, 2020


  • Hindu-Arabic Number System
  • Positional Number System
  • Decimal Number System
    0 to 9
  • Binary Number System
    0 and 1
  • Zero is Additive Identity
    a + 0 = a
  • Zero is a Kind of “Annihilator”
    a x 0 = 0
  • Zero may be used to represent “False”
    in Two-valued Logic


  • Absolute Zero
    Temperature in Kelvin
    -273 degrees Celsius
  • Zero Gravity
    in Space Travel
  • Zero-Sum Games
    in Game Theory
  • Ground Zero
    e.g. after 9/11 attacks
  • Zero-based indexing
    in Computer applications
  • Zero Down payment
    in mortgage
  • Zero in
    e.g. English usage

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