VB : Yadaya

Video Broadcast : #170
January 2, 2020


  • Stands for Change.
  • Similar to fire
  • Can be a good servant or a bad master.

U Myint Sein (BARB)

  • According to U Myint Sein (GBNF), former Principal of BARB and Founder of IDEA Astrology, ladies are excellent at Yadaya.
  • They change their appearance (e.g. with the aid of cosmetics).


According to folk lore, a student went to study at Tekkatho (Tekka Sila) to study under Ditha Par Mauk Kha (Professor). The professor was an expert in Veda. He saw that some calamity (probably death) will fall soon on the student. So, he told the student to return to the village for a while and come back at a later date.

The student did some good deeds on the way back. He moved some fishes from an almost empty pond to nearby stream. He pruned the hanging branches and righted some bent trees. He used some planks to create a make-shift bridge.

On his subsequent visit, the student told the Professor about his actions on the way back to his village. The Professor was pleased to know that the student’s Yadaya had thwarted the ill effects.

Protective Verses

Buddha and eight disciples (Arahants) recited Protective Verses for a child (who was under the threat of demons). The child lived to be 120.

Phaya Koe Su” Pu Zaw Pwe is based on the story. However, the practice got “diluted” with the inclusion of Nine Gyo Min.

Good Yadaya

  • Perform wholesome deeds and share merits
  • Dana (Charity)
  • Sila (Morality)
  • Bhavana (Samatha and Vipassana Meditation)
  • Parami (Perfection)

Extreme belief in Yadaya

The following may be attributed to some then higher authorities who believe too much in the power of Yadaya.

  • A classmate told us that there was a night walk on Minn Lann (Royal Road) by the high authorities.
    The lights were out during the walk.
  • Some other events (e.g. the construction of Karaweik) allude to the revival of a Kingdom.
  • The change to Nyar Lann Maung (Keep to the Right) without making revisions to the road and the vehicles may be a Yadaya to simulate a change to the right (from left [or Socialist]).
  • The issue of bank notes such as 45 Kyats and 90 Kyats may be due to the belief of Nawin or “Nines”.
  • The issue of bank notes honoring Saya San and Thakin Po Hla Gyi may be a Yadaya to simulate the revolutionaries throughout the nation, and thereby thwart revolutions.

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