Y (Notes)

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Text Update : January 20, 2021

  • 25th letter of the English Alphabet.
  • Pronounced as WYE.
  • Y-junction is a junction type (e.g. two incoming roads merge into one outgoing road).


  • YMBA (Young Men Buddhist Association) was involved in setting up monastic and/or Vernacular schools (predating the National Schools)
  • YMBA published the “History of Buddhism” by Mahagandayone Sayadaw with illustrations by Saya U Ba Kyi


Y is an alias for YMCA (Young Men Christian Association), which was founded in Britain and then spread to over many countries.

Several YMCA’s in the US are credited with

  • Invention of Basketball
  • Invention of Volleyball
  • Promotion of Public Speaking via Dale Carnegie
  • Sowing the seeds of Toastmasters International (for Leadership and Public Speaking) via Dr. Ralph Smedley

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