Y (Supplementary Notes)

Video Broadcast : #149
December 23, 2020

Text Update : December 25, 2020

  • 25th Letter of the Alphabet
  • Y Connection
    Y-Delta conversion (in Electrical Engineering)
  • Y Junction
    City named WYE (instead of Y) due to the minimum length naming rule
  • Short for YMCA
    Young Men Christian Association
  • Three Contributions by YMCA

    Dale Carnegie
    The Art of Public Speaking
    How to win friends and influence people
    How to stop worrying and start living

    James Naismith
    Invented the game of Basketball

    Ralph Smedley
    Training for Communications and Leadership
    Founded Toastmasters International
  • YMBA
    Young Men Buddhist Association

    Published “Illustrated History of Buddhism
    by Amararapura Taung Myo Sayadaw U Janakabhivamsa and Saya U Ba Kyi

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