Words (Supplementary Notes)

Video Broadcast : #230
February 1, 2021

  • Definitions and Usage of words may change with time.
  • Computer
    Early days : One who computes
    e.g. the six females who worked on ENIAC
    Later : Machine which can process data / information …
  • Compiler
    Early days : One who compiles
    e.g. historical records
    Later : Software to translate a programming language into machine language
  • Bit
    Early days : small piece
    e.g. drill bit
    Later : Binary digit
  • Confusion in the 1970s
    The book “Anatomy of a Compiler” was sent to the Institute of Medicine (instead of UCC or RU Library).
    The book “Compiler Construction of Digital Computers” was sent to the Public Works Department (instead of UCC or RU Library)
  • March 27, 1945
    Early days : Taw Hlan Yay Nay (Resistance Day)
    to honor all those who fought for Independence
    Later : Tatmadaw Nay (Armed Forces Day)
  • Taung Thu Le Tha Mar Nay (Peasant’s Day)
    Early days : January 1
    Later : March 2
  • Lost in Translation
    Physician was translated as “Yupa Beda Pyinnya Shin(Physicist)

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