Word Games (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #177
January 6, 2021


  • Crossword Puzzle
    Various levels of complexity
  • Lexicon
    Card Game
  • Anagram
    Making new words and phrases from the given word
    e.g. North, South, East and West can be transformed into Thorn, Shout, Seat and Stew
  • Jumbled Words
    Feature of a newspaper column
  • Scrabble


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  • Scrabble is a board game.
  • A game can be played by two to four players.
  • There are a specified number of tiles.
  • Each tile holds a letter worth one to ten points, or a “blank” (similar to a “joker” or a “wild card” in card games).


  • The word must appear in the official set of dictionaries (e.g. Chamber’s Dictionary, Jone’s Pronouncing Dictionary).
  • A player can challenge the validity of a word.
    He or she will forfeit a turn if the challenge is unsuccessful.
  • A bonus of 50 points is given for a word formed with all seven tiles. e.g. MAJESTY
  • In some contests, adding “s” to a singular to make it plural is disallowed.

Scrabble Tournaments

In our younger days, Scrabble tournaments were held by

  • Guardian Newspaper
    P. (Paul) Aung Khin (Editor, “Dawlay’s Circle”) was a host.
    There was a “Tiger” Scrabble team with U Tin Shwe, U Ba U and their friend.
    One of the Tigers joined Saya Des Rodgers to play Doubles.
  • RIT Scrabble Club
    Saya Des and Saya U Khin were hosts.
  • YMCA
    Known for the Chess Champions (e.g. Saya Dawson).
    Hosted Scrabble tournaments.

Saya Des Rodgers won several trophies. Most of the English sayas (e.g. U Khin) and sayamas (e.g. Daw Toni) played Scrabble along with the students such as Ko Myo Tun (Bobby) and Ko Khin Maung Win (Roland). Civil Engineering sayas (e.g. U Tin Win) also frequent the English Department for Scrabble sessions and tournaments.

Saya U Khin has Chamber’s Dictionary and Jone’s Pronouncing Dictionary on his desk for use in the challenges.

Update of RIT Scrabble Players

  • Saya Des moved to UK and then Canada.
  • Saya U Khin moved to Taiwan.
  • Sayama Toni joined her husband U Nyi Than (who retired as Ambassador).
    After his demise, Sayama moved back to Yangon.
    She attends and/or host gatherings (sumptuous food and Scrabble) in Yangon.
  • Bobby is now Ashin Pannagavesaka (Former Dhamma Librarian, Pa Auk Tawya monastery in Mawlamyine).
    Bobby mentioned that Paul requested him to be a judge at the Guardian Scrabble tournaments, so he could not participate.
  • Roland retired after working for an Embassy in Yangon.

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