Weightlifting (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #154
December 25, 2020

  • Adjacent to the RU Student Union Building was the RU Gymnasium.
    The gymnasium was donated by Chan Chor Khine (RU Council Member).
    He is the second son of philanthropists Chan Mah Phee and Daw Aye Mya.
  • There were competitions for Weight Lifting and Body Building at the local and national levels.
  • There were contests for Maung Bama and Mai Bama (at the national level)
  • At RU, there were contests for Mr. University and Miss University.

U Myo Nyunt

  • Champion Weight Lifter
    Son of Kaya Bala Pioneer
  • He was interviewed for “University Sports” program by MERB team for the Diamond Jubilee of Rangoon University.
    Saya Nyein (Soccer Coach) was the organizer and narrator of the program.


Saya Dr. Kyaw Sein (M65) headed and managed the RIT Weightlifting and Body Building team. RIT won trophies in the Inter-Institute Tournament.

Ko Jimmy Kyin (T69), Ko Khin Win (EP69), Ko Than Htike (70), Ko Thein Aung (Met72) … are some well-known members.

Ko Thein Aung won “Set Hmu Maung” (Mr. RIT) in 1968. He has handed over his Sa Lwe to Ko Wynn Htain Oo (M72).


In the early Weightlifting competitions, there were three categories:

  • [Military] Press
  • Snatch
  • Clean and Jerk

In the later competitions, there are only two categories:

  • Snatch
  • Clean and Jerk

There is also a medal for the best Total.

Olympics and World Championship

“Thiri Pyan Chi” U Zaw Weik competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a member of the British India team. After Burma’s Independence, he founded the Burma Olympic Club.

U Tun Maung (then Sergeant) won medals at two World Championships.

In the 1972 Munich Olympics, U Aung Gyi set an Olympic record in the Flyweight division. He also competed in the World Championship.


“Kayabala” (Physical Prowess) is one of the five Bala (strength). It is complementary to “Nyanabala” (Mental), “Bawgabala” (Wealth), “Meiktabala” (Friendship), and “Carittabala” (Moral).

Kayabala U Shein was manager and mentor of U Zaw Weik.

Kayabala U Than Tun and others continued to help with weightlifters and body builders.

Maung Bama

The early Maung Bama (Mr. Burma) include

  • Navy Commander Maung Maung
    Daughter : Khin Aye Kyu (Rosie, RIT English)
    Mentee : Thein Aung (Met72, Mr. RIT, Saya)
  • U Ba Kun
    Actor in “Wunna Kyaw Htin U Min Din”
  • U Sein Maung
    Actor in “Ingulimala”
  • U Tint Naing (Runner up to U Ba Kun)
    Actor in “Tarzan”

Saya U Thein Aung wrote :

I deeply admire your general knowledge on so many topics!

You take us down memory lane with many events that happened in the history of our country. One more addition, late Commander Maung Maung from Burma Navy who won the first Mr. Burma in 1947. Father of Daw Khin Aye Kyu@ Rosie Maung (RIT English Dept.) My first weightlifting and bodybuilding trainer!

Adam Khan (EP76) wrote :

Mr Burma (Runner-up to U Ba Kun ) was Mr Tint Naing.
All three Mr Burma’s became film stars.
U Ba Kun was famous Wunna Kyaw Htin U Min Din.
U Sein Maung in Ingulimala.
U Tint Naing (if I remember correctly) Tarzan .

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