Samvega(Supplementary Notes)

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Update : January 15, 2021

Early Losses

  • Myo Set (KG Classmate, Son of Actor Thar Gaung Gyi)
  • Uncle U Than Lwin (Eric, Lecturer in Economics, Adjunct Social Science Librarian)
  • Cousin U San Aung (Sonny, Senior Pilot, UBA/BAC)
  • Chief Operator U Hla Min (SPHS64, RIT70, UCC) : See “TONE KYAW” article
  • About 90 from the RIT Class of 1969

Some Losses in 2019 -2021

  • Dr. Chit Swe (Computer Pioneer in Burma)
  • Dr. Daw Khin Kyi Nyunt (Cherry, formerly BMRI, spouse of U Tin U)
  • Dr. Peter Tun (Khin Tun, MRCP, former Associate Dean of Oxford University, son of U Tin U)
  • U Tin Tun (Son-in-law of U Tin U)
  • Dr. Aung Than Ba Tu (DG, BMRI)
  • Daw Khin Kyi Kyi (Sayama, Physics)
  • U Ba Toke (Saya of our Sayas)
  • U Chan Tha (Soccer and Rowing Star)
  • Colonel San Lwin (First in first batch DSA, Chair of Myanmar Language Commission)
  • Dr. Kenderick Kyaw Than Aung (M83 from RIT, AIT, Michigan; Prof and Interim Chair Lmar University)


  • 2020 saw the COVID-19 Pandemic.
    Many countries were not aware of its beginnings in late 2019 and the havoc it would cause to them.
  • Its destructive force is stronger than most wars.
  • It inflicted much more damage than the natural disasters (earth quakes, floods) and man-made disasters (9/11, bombings, arson) in the past years.
  • It has caused panic, economic loss, and deaths.
  • Many local, regional, national and international events were postponed or cancelled.
    They include Thingyan, Easter, Tokyo Olympics, Wimbledon, ..
  • In April 2020, we were told to “Stay at home“.
    Have used up several bars of soap.
  • In some places, people got cited for ignoring the order.
    The fines start from $400.
    One elderly was fined $625.
    Seven people from Fremont who went to buy drinks in Santa Cruz were fined $1000 each.
  • Several people — mostly old and not so old — passed away.
    Some were healthy.
    A few are medical practitioners.
  • See the related post “GBNF in 2020”
  • Dr. Peter Tun (MRCP, Former Associate Dean of Oxford University) was an early victim of COVID-19.
    I chronicled the events from April 13, 2020 to May 31, 2020.
    In his memory, an award was established by Neurology Academy.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is peter-award-1.jpg
  • The Royal College of Physicians will award FRPC posthumously to Dr. Peter Tun.

Sad events in the past few years

High winds, scarcity of water and hydrants, multiple “hot spots”, downed power lines and communication cell towers … all added to the destruction of 2000+ buildings, displacement of 20000+ people, and a climbing list of “deaths and missing people”.

Information, Misinformation and Disinformation

  • Technological advances could not predict and/or prevent disasters.
  • Incomplete and bad data for surveys and models cannot yield reasonably good results.
  • Some downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19
  • Some reports were not correct
    e.g. under-count cases
    did not count asymptomatic patients
    false negatives
  • Some suggested Prevention Tips and Cures
    not substantiated by Medical Research
    A few died taking the “cure”


  • Heath care is expensive
    even with Medical Insurance
  • Some friends have not been well for a couple of years
  • A friend was advised to have liver transplant, but he was not healthy enough to undergo the operation
  • Recently, several health care providers (Doctors, Nurses, Technicians) have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Most hospitals in the US will not accept ordinary patients during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Many hospitals find shortage of medical equipment and supplies to combat COVID-19.

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