VB : Prize And Award

Video Broadcast : #197
January 16, 2021

Nobel Prize

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Medicine
  • Literature
  • Peace

Awards (considered equivalent to Nobel Prize)

  • “Nobel Prize in” Economics
  • ACM Turing Award (in Computing)
  • Field Medal (in Mathematics)

Prizes at School

  • Highest score in a test or examination
  • Prize for reciting poems (e.g. Mingalar Kabyar)
  • Prize for good handwriting
  • Prize for good behavior
  • Prize for sports events
  • Collegiate Scholarship (for top students in Matriculation examination)

Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC)

  • In the early days, RUBC awarded cups to the winning teams.
  • The President of the Union of Burma donated the “President’s Challenge Cup for Inter-Club Eights.”
    In the inaugural competition, RUBC beat the combined team of Calcutta Lake Club and Calcutta University Rowing Club.
  • The Prime Minister of the Union of Burma donated the “Prime Minister’s Challenge Cup for Inter-Club Fours.”
  • The Challenge Cups are listed in the commemorative issue for the 90th Anniversary for the founding of RUBC.
  • Sir Arthur Eggar donated a Pewter Cup for the Senior Novices.
    The Senior Novice Winners receive a brooch.
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded in the latter days.
    For obvious reasons, the medals are plated.
    P. Orr Tun Yin was a primary supplier of the cups and medals.
    U Hla Din and sons became the secondary source.


  • For World Cup, there was Jules Rimet Trophy.
  • For soccer in Burma, there was “Dunlop Shield (Daing)”

Number of Medals

  • In some competitions, the two losing semi-finalists are awarded Joint Third prize.
    So, the number of bronze medals can be higher than the number of gold medals.
  • Due to the introduction of tie-breakers in most sports, we rarely have joint champions.
    In a few instances (e.g. the clock cannot discriminate the two winners), two gold medals were awarded to the joint champions.


  • Fellowship
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • National Awards
  • Literary Awards

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