VB : My English Teachers

Video Broadcast : #182
January 8, 2021


  • Private Boundary Road School
    Daw Ku Paw, Daw Kywe, Daw Yi Yi, Daw Khin Khin Aye
  • St. Paul’s High School
    Ms. A Benjamin, Mrs. V Boudville, Ms. Amelia Kyi (Miss Hong Kong), Brother Xavier, Brother Austin
  • I.Sc. (A)
    Daw Tinsa Maw-Naing, Daw Khin Khin Kyi
  • 2nd BE
    Mr. Des Rodgers (Primary), Sao Kan Gyi, U Khin, U Win Mra

Saya Des


  • Our main English Teacher in our 2nd BE Class in 1964 – 65.
  • Chief Editor of the RIT English Association Newsletter.
  • Core organizer of debates (in English) between 1st BE and 2nd BE students.
    e.g. “Money is the Root of All Evils”
            “Are we happier than our forefathers?”
  • Played on the RIT Saya soccer team.
  • Accomplished musician : guitarist and vocalist, a regular on the BBS Variety Show.
    Would often play with Saya U Win Mra (Burma’s Elvis Presley in his younger days).
  • Won Singles and Doubles tournaments in Scrabble.
    Held at Guardian, YMCA and RIT.
  • Did post-graduate studies in the UK.
  • Moved to Canada.
  • Taught “English as a Specialty Language” and other English courses.
  • Set up a consultancy firm
  • Published a book on English words that have been “selected” from contemporary news media and magazines. I helped catch some typos (which would go into an amendment).
  • Conducted on-line courses to students (mostly outside Canada).
  • Published two books.
  • The first book selected words from the contemporary publications (news media and magazines), provided definitions and usage.
    Synonyms and antonyms are given.
  • Sent his book by air mail.
    Sadly, I received only the envelope.
    So he sent a second time using registered/insured option.
    The mailing costs are prohibitive.
    Cost more than the sales price of the book.
  • E-mailed back typos in the book to Saya.
    They will be corrected in a future edition.

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