Men On The Moon (Supplementary Notes)

Video Broadcast : #128
December 12, 2020

Space Race between USSR and USA

  • Early lead by USSR
  • First man in space
    Yuri Gagarin
  • Second man in space
    Gherman Titov
  • First woman in space
  • NASA Projects
  • Mercury (for single astronaut)
    We Seven (book by the seven astronauts)
    The Right Stuff (book and movie)
  • Gemini (for two astronauts)
  • Apollo (for three astronauts)
    Apollo 1 (Fire due to electrical system failure caused the deaths of three astronauts)
    Needed time to rethink safety measures
    Apollo 6 and Apollo 7 (after the program restarted)
    Apollo 8 (Orbit the moon and return to earth) in December 1968
    Apollo 9 (Testing the start/stop of Lunar Module engine)
    Apollo 10 (Flew Lunar Module to a specified height above the moon)
    Apollo 11 (Landing on the Moon) in July 1969
    Apollo 12 (Longer stay on the Moon)
    Apollo 13 (Power failure in Command Module; Devised plan to use the power from Lunar Module to return safely to Earth; Movie)
    Apollo 14, Apollo 15, Apollo 16, Apollo 17 : (Use of rover; extensive collection of lunar rocks; one Geologist/Astronaut)

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