Meikta Bala (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #207
January 2021

Strength in making friends
A friend in need is a friend indeed

  • Online Friend (Social Media)
    Be careful in accepting friend requests (not “fake” accounts and “hackers”)
  • Acquaintance / Casual Friend
    Member of a weak link / relation, but might offer assistance (e.g. looking for job openings)
  • Close Friend / Best Friend Forever (BFF)
    Rise together; Fall together

  • Authenticity, Honesty, Kindness, Virtue
  • Mutual Understanding, Loyalty, Forgiveness
  • Karuna, Compassion, Sympathy, Empathy, Generosity
  • Metta, Loving Kindness, Unbounded Love, Affection
  • Mudita, Altruistic Joy, Sympathetic Joy
  • Tale
    Two friends and a Bear
  • How to win friends and influence people (Best seller by Dale Carnegie)
    Meikta Bala Ti Ka (Translation by U Nu)

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