Intelligence (Notes)

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Several definitions

Example : Ability to use tools to create better tools


The list is not exhaustive

  • Human Intelligence
  • Animal Intelligence
  • Military Intelligence
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence

AI / Artificial Intelligence

Word proposed by John McCarthy and colleagues for a new discipline (different from Cybernetics) about five decades (or so)

Early researchers include

  • John McCarthy
  • Marvin Minsky
  • Alan Newell
  • Herbert Simon
  • Arthur Samuel
  • Ed Feigenbaum
  • Raj Reddy

Early works

  • Logic Theorist (Newell, Shaw, Simon)
  • GPS / General Problem Solver (Newell, Shaw, Simon)
  • Checkers Program (Arthur Samuel)
  • MIT AI Lab (John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky)
  • Knowledge Based System (e.g Medical) : Ed Feigenbaum

Decline and resurgence of AI : At least twice

  • Fifth Generation Computer Systems
  • Neural Networks / Machine Learning/ Deep Learning
  • Games to best human Champions (Chess, Go, Jeopardy)
  • Turing Test / Modified Turing Test
  • Robotics
  • Natural Language Understanding / Processing
  • Smart devices and applications

Hype / Too much commercialization/ Rewording of old ideas as AI

Some trusted AI systems have features/ bugs (e.g facial recognition)

IQ / Intelligence Quotient

  • Measure introduced by Terman
  • Relative measure

Other Measures

  • Emotional Intelligence / Quotient
  • Sasana Intelligence/ Quotient
    suggested by Panditarama Sayadaw
  • Technological Savvy
  • Resilience to Adversity

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