Early Scholars To UK (Supplementary Notes)

Video Broadcast : #202
January 18, 2021

Dr. Hla Myint

  • Studied for Doctorate in Economics in the UK
  • Became Professor and Head of Economics Department
  • Retired as Rector of the University of Rangoon
  • Continued as Researcher, Scholar and Administrator in UK.
  • There is an Economic Theory with Saya’s name.

Dr. Tha Hla

  • Studied for Doctorate in Geology in the UK
  • Became Professor and Head of Geology Department
  • Retired as Rector of the University of Rangoon
  • Served as UN Advisor in several countries (e.g. France) and settled in Thailand.
  • There are several anecdotes about Saya.
  • When an AFPFL minister protested the States Scholarship for his mentee Dr. Nyi Nyi, Saya did not back out.
    He pushed the nomination through during a period when the minister was away.
  • Saya is highly regarded for “Leader by Example
    Saya calmly convinced the students and crowd (following the agitator Ajala) to disperse
  • Director Thar Du was unhappy when Saya (as Member of the Movie Censor Board) recommended some parts of the movie to be revised.
    Thar Du was surprised and delighted when Saya voted the same movie for an Academy Award.
    Saya explained that the two roles required different consideration.
  • During his stay in Thailand (while waiting for a US visa), Saya U Tin Maung Nyunt (M60) was recommended by Dr. Tha Hla to be a proof reader for the Nation newspaper.
  • He hosted people with different backgrounds and beliefs and helped them if needed.
    Saya offered guests (including U Tin Maung Nyunt) his collection of Whiskey and drinks.
    He had two recommendations :
    “Do not spoil Whiskey by adding water or soda. “
    “You can drink Ah Yet (liquor), but never let Ah Yet drink you.”

Dr. Maung Maung Kha

  • I have written several posts about Saya Dr. Maung Maung Kha.
    Dr. Oke Soe Kha provided photos and information about his parents Saya Kha and Sayama Daw Ruby.
  • Studied for Doctorate in Metereological Physics in the UK
  • In the early days, the Physics Department was run with the experts from Meteorology Department.
  • Became Professor and Head of Physics Department
  • Served as Rector of the University of Rangoon, Rangoon Arts and Science University (RASU) and University Distance Learning
  • He is the longest tenured Rector in RU and its descendant Universities
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is saya-kha-2.jpg
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Saya Kha and family
  • Shwe Ku May Hnin remembered Saya Kha’s smile when a student (from the Social and Reading Club) asked him, “Saya, will you continue the tradition of Di Tha Par Mauk Kha Saya giving away his beautiful daughters to brilliant students?”.
  • A member of the RU Centennial group remembered Saya Kha’s smile and forgiveness when he was inadvertently hit by a student (who had to take classes at Workers’ College and come to the Main Campus for practical sessions).
    The young Physics sayas U Thein Aung (Micky) and U Thein Htut scolded the offender and his companions for not knowing Sayagyi.
  • Per Dr. Alvin Oak Soe Kha, his father is the Rector with the longest tenure and is known for his kindness and compassion.
    He also enjoyed seeing his father played the violin and sang songs together with the renowned artist Saya U Ba Kyi.
    “Only Two” (English translation of “Hna Yauk Hte Nay Chin Hte” by Saya U Ba Kyi) was a hit at the RU Annupyinnya Ah Thinn.

Other Scholars

  • Dr. Po Aye studied Meteorology
    Retired as Director General of Meteorology and Hydrology
  • U Pe Maung Tin
    Pali and Myanmar Scholar
  • ICS U Sein Tin (Theikpan Maung Wa)
    Khit San Sar Pay co-founder
  • U Thein Han (Zawgyi)
    Khit San Sar Pay co-founder
  • U Wun (Minthuwun)
    Khit San Sar Pay co-founder
  • Dr. Hla Phay
  • U Tet Tut

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