Chemical Engineering (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #163
December 30, 2020

  • Beginning
    Application of Chemistry to Industry and/or Engineering
    Work Unit and Process Flow
  • Related to several disciplines / subjects
  • Applications : Plants, Factories, Refineries, Paper Mills, …
  • Saya U Khin Aung Kyi (GBNF)
    7th in Burma in Matriculation of 1949
    BS and MS in ChE from MIT
    Joined Faculty as Assistant Lecturer
    Promotions : Lecturer, Professor, Rector
  • Saya U Kyaw Tun and Sayama Daw Than Than
    Chemistry and ChE
  • Dr. Myint Han
    Chemistry and ChE
  • Dr. Than Htike
    IC and ChE
  • Course offered at RU in 1953
    With the help of Indian Contractor / Sayas
  • First batch of graduates in 1957
    Saya Dr. Hla Myint (Mack)
    worked in Thailand and Australia
  • Saya Dr. Maung Maung Win (ChE60, GBNF)
  • Pauline Reynolds (ChE61)
    First female ChE in Burma; moved to Thailand
  • Dr. Min Kwan Than (ChE62)
    Moved to USA
  • Saya Dr. Tin Aung (K C Chiu, ChE63)
    Past President, BEA
  • Sayama Daw Tin Myint
  • Saya U Maung Maung (George, ChE66)
    Founding member, RIT Alumni International
    Founding member and Past President, NorCal RITAA
  • Saya U Myat Thwin (Keusan Lin, ChE66)
    Worked in Texas
  • Saya U Htun Aung Kyaw (ChE67)
    Worked in Thailand; moved to USA
  • Saya U Ohn Maung (ChE68)
    Moved to Singapore
  • Saya Dr. Taing Oke (ChE69)
    Moved to Japan
  • Sayamas Daw Tin Tin Myint (Emma), Daw Khin Swe Aye (Winnie), … (ChE70)
  • U Win Paing (ChE70)
    Sayadaw U Wara , Kaba Aye Sunlun Gu Kyaung
  • U Khin Maung Myint and Daw Mai Khin Nyunt (ChE71)
  • Saya U Aung Myaing and Daw Gyn Yu (ChE72)

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