Caritta Bala (Supplementary Notes)

Video Broadcast : #209
January 21, 2021

Moral Strength / Courage

Practice of Sila (Morality)

  • Refrain from doing unwholesome deeds
  • Perform wholesome deeds

Primary school days

  • Received Thermos Flask for reciting “Mingalar Kabyar” by Dago U Tun Myint
  • Recite Mingalar “8-syllable verses” at home on Saturday nights

Middle school days

  • Studied “Sanakya Niti” and “Pyithu Niti” at school
  • Recite “Mangala Sutta” (Mingalar Thoke in Pali) at home and at monastery

High school days

  • Studied “Morals and Manners” at school

Later days

  • Ethics courses
  • Contributing Editor for “Dhammananda Newsletter” and TBSA web site
  • Editor for books by selected Sayadaws
  • Interpreter at Meditation Retreats

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