Badminton (Notes)

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  • Refinement of early games (e.g. Shuttlecock)
  • Started in India
  • Made popular by the British
  • Named after a place called Badminton, where the game flourished


  • Rudy Hartono (Indonesia)
  • Competitive players from Malaysia (especially Doubles)
  • Saya U Yu Khin (Dean, Chair, RU Sports Council)
  • Saya U Thein Lwin (EE, President, RIT Badminton)
  • Maung Hla (RU, 2nd SEAP Games)
  • Sagaing Kyi Nyunt (Burma, SEAP, Bronze in Asian Games)
  • Sai Kham Pan (2nd in Singles, 1st in Doubles, Burma Selected)
    Star of RIT team that won Inter-Institute Trophy
  • U Myint Kyi (RIT)
  • Bishnu Shahi (RIT)

U Aye (M62) wrote :

Myint Tun from Prome Hall ( 1958-59) was a third year B. Arch student. He was runners up in the National Championship, was a Burma selected player in Badminton. He later joined GE. He was one of my senior colleagues at Prome Hall. He was in room 94, while I was in room 108.

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