VB : 1962

Broadcast : #119
December 8, 2020

Text Update : January 22, 2021

First ever HSF Only

  • All subjects except English are taken in Burmese
    Thin Char (Mathematics)
    Yupa Beda (Physics)
    Dhatu Beda (Chemistry)
  • First ever HSF only exam in March, 1962
  • Coup d’etat took place on March 2, 1962
  • The exams continued with Security forces patrolling the streets (in Rangoon)
  • Rangoon Division results were annulled (citing leakage of exam questions)
  • Make up HSF exam in August, 1962
    Chu Pu Thein scored highest in Yupa Beda.
    Maung Maung Kyi scored highest in Dhatu Beda.
    Khin Maung U has English distinctions in HSF, Matriculation and I.Sc.(A) in addition to other distinctions.

17 man Revolutionary Council

  • General Ne Win
  • Brigadier Aung Gyi (Army)
  • Commodore Than Pe (Navy)
  • Brigadier T Clift (Air)
  • 12 Colonels (from War Office and Commands)
  • According to Kyemon U Thaung, six or so did not know the decisions
  • BSPP
    Open to “Cadre” members
  • Burmese Way to Socialism
    Transformed the Rice Bowl of Asia into “Black Market” and decline
    Cause for indiscriminate nationalization, demonetization, harsh censorship …
  • For a while, the government used the term “Tar Wun Khan” instead of “Wun Gyi” for Minister.

State Funerals

  • Commodore Than Pe (Revolutionary Council Member, Minister of Health and Education)
    Passed away after an inspection tour
    Successors :
    Colonel Hla Han : Minister of Health and Education
    Commodore Thaung Tin : Vice Chief of Staff (Navy)
  • Ko Tin Maung Thant (Son of UNSG U Thant)
    Fell from a moving bus
    The cortege was “longer” that that of Commodore Than Pe

Dark moments

  • 7th July 1962
    17 victims were announced in the media
    Ko Aung Khin was hit by a stray bullet while returning from RUBC to his home in Windermere Road
  • 8th July 1962
    Demolition of the RUSU Building
    Finger pointing between the Top Two about who gave the order (Unresolved since both have passed away)
    First of the many disruptions (closing of classes and schools)


  • The Faculty of Engineering moved to the Gyogone Campus in 1961.
    It was renamed BIT.
  • Some from the First batch of BIT graduates in 1962 can be found in the post “Class of 1962”
  • Bohmugyi Myint Thein Lwin (M62) and U Aye (M62) provided group photo, names and info.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is m62-group-photo.jpg

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