By Ko Ko Kyi

MAL interview with CNN reporter probably went something like this.

CNN: Who is the leader of Myanmar?
MAL: I is.

CNN: Are you a Buddhist?
MAL: Yes, I are.

CNN: Then, why are you killing people?
MAL: I no kill. Soldiers kill.

CNN: They are your soldiers. You gave command to kill.
MAL: I no give. My wife give.

CNN: Why did she give command to kill?
MAL: Monk tell she.


Variant of Answers

1. Think I is

2. Was told I are

3. Me guess. Soldiers kill

4. Bossy wife give

5. Mad monk’s yadaya to reap my Say Ta Nar

Black Sheep

It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic for the people’s suffering.

Incidentally, his wife Kyu Kyu Hla is from our school.

The always proud St. Philos now put to shame!!

Going for a round of golf

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