Month: April 2021

Silicon Valley (Notes)

Video Broadcast : # Several factors (e.g. Terman, Shockley) led to the birth of Silicon Valley. Terman Professor [later Dean] Frederick Terman joined Stanford University instead of the more established ones in the East (e.g. MIT) because of his health. He is known for encouraging his students such […]

Volleyball (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #147 December 22, 2020 SEAP Games Volleyball Champions by U Aye (M62, RU Selected), HIC/FAO/UN(Retired) Ko Kyaw Han from RU Forestry was Burma selected player in 1961 SEAP Games in which Burma won gold medal. The team was led by Ko Kyaw Nyunt (1), we […]

Win (Notes)

Video Broadcast : # Win – Lose In a two person zero sum game, there is usually a winner and a loser. In multiple person zero sum game, there is usually some winners and some losers. No Joint Winners One or more overtime periods may be necessary to […]

Intelligence (Notes)

Video Broadcast : # Several definitions Example : Ability to use tools to create better tools Types The list is not exhaustive Human Intelligence Animal Intelligence Military Intelligence Machine Intelligence Artificial Intelligence AI / Artificial Intelligence Word proposed by John McCarthy and colleagues for a new discipline (different […]

Rowing (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #October 4, 2020 Rowing in Myanmar Laung (7 paddlers of more) Leg rowers (of Inlay) Rowing Clubs Cambridge University Home club of Sir Arthur Eggar RBC (Rangoon Boat Club) Exclusive for Europeans and Anglo-Burmese RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club)Founded in 1923 by Sir Arthur Eggar […]

Law (Notes)

Video Broadcast : # When the University of Rangoon was established in December 1920, it had the Department of Law. U May Aung served as the first Professor. U May Aung U May Aung (Barrister-at-law, LL.D) served as Professor of Law from 1920 -1922. He was a Rakkhine […]

Chemistry (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #043September 28, 2020 Introduction Studied basics of Chemistry as part of General Science Dhatu Beda (Chemistry in Burmese) Took “Dhatu Beda” in the first ever HSF Only examination in 1962. Maung Maung Kyi (SPHS) scored the highest marks in Chemistry. He had Distinction in Chemistry […]