Two non-Burmese Sayadaws

My paternal grandmother offered a monastery for Sayadaw U Lokanatha (Italian-American Chemist turned Buddhist Missionary). Sayadaw passed away in Maymyo.

My parents offered daily alms to Mote Seik Phone Gyi (earlier known as Rev. F. Lustig, Buddhist Archbishop of Latvia and Lithuania and later as Ashin Ananda). He wrote English poems and also translated selected Kabyars. He also reviewed my poems (e.g. Men on the Moon).

Mon Sayadaw

My parents and their dhamma friends built the Dat Paung Zon Aung Min Gaung pagoda and supported the resident monks (e.g Mon Sayadaw U Thilawunta who went on to build several pagodas around the world).

Transcend Race and Religion

The employees of my grandmother include Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians. We celebrated festivals (e.g Waso and Kathein) and have sumptuous food at Diwali, Id and Christmas. Some went on to have their own businesses (e.g car work shop). Some worked for my father and his siblings. We were close with their children. I assisted my cousin uncle who taught them selected subjects.

My school teachers include Karen, Burmese, Hong Kong Chinese, Anglo, Portuguese, Irish, and German.

Two of my high school classmates became Catholic Priests. One retired after serving as a Missionary in Phillipines. Another passed away while serving as Priest of St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Two were Sikhs. One inherited entrepreneurship from his father. He and his brother (MIT alumnus) built an enterprise in Thailand (with offices in several countries).

Brothers here on Earth

There was harmony.

The ending of my poem “Men on the Moon” :

Are we not brothers here on Earth?
So let us all unite
There will be Heaven here on Earth
If we all cease to fight

Unity Against Tyrants

Myanmar has become a Killing Field due to the atrocious crimes committed by an Egomaniac and his toadies who are trying to divide — in every way possible — the 50+ Million people.

It is extremely important for Law abiding citizens — of different races and creeds — to stand United against the Tyrants to restore Democracy and Freedom of Fear to the Golden Land.

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