Coups — in different forms

Soft Coup in 1958

According to U Nu, the first Coup occurred in 1958. Two Brigadiers coerced U Nu to hand over to the Caretaker Government for six months.

Sadly it took almost three times before the Elections were held. The Pyidaungsu party (formerly Clean / Thantshin AFPFL) won by a wide margin.

Some Brigadiers (including a mastermind of the 1958 Soft Coup) and Colonels (including those who exerted influence in the Elections) were purged. Some became Ambassadors.

U Nu became Prime Minister for the third and last time. Oldies might remember Kyargyi U Ba Swe and General Ne Win as the other Prime Ministers.

Hard Coup in 1962

On March 2, 1962 a 17-man Revolutionary Council performed a Coup and detained President Mahn Win Maung, U Nu and Ministers and Shan Sawbwas.

It would be the first of many Dark Moments.

The Council purged another mastermind of the 1958 Soft Coup.

It sent senior officers as Military Attaches and forced others to retire.

It gave jump promotions to young toadies.

One senior officer happily baby sit the grand children of his boss at a Pyidaungsu Celebration.

Three Demonetization crippled the Economy. The Rice Bowl of Asia descended into LDC.

One of the best Education Systems regressed into a moronic System void of effective Learning.

The Union Constabulary and Military Police were disbanded. The Commissioners of Police and spouses were detained along with Chief Justice U Myint Thein. Army personnel were promoted as Police officers. Effectively there are no security forces to provide Check and Balance.

Return to Dark Ages

It took five decades to see the Pwint Linn Era and quasi-civilian rule.

History once again returned to the Dark Ages due to Egomaniacs who defied their hand crafted Constitution to become Terrorists.

Relying on Godfathers from neighboring countries, the Power Mongers boasted that they do not care a damn about Sanctions and Statements.

Their toady dehumanized law abiding citizens and even gave a stern warning to UN.

Promises have been broken many times.

There have been a soft Coup, two Coups and Treason in the Golden Land, where the kind hearted people with short memories were willing to forgive and forget the atrocities.

Millions of photos and videos show how low the Terrorist Organization can go.

  • Murders of innocent people in broad daylight
  • Ransacking Pagoda Trusts, charitable organizations and even a cemetery

    Extremely sad to see neighboring countries aiding and abetting the Terrorists.

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