An end to all Coups in Myanmar

Valiant Voice of Myanmar Ambassador to the UN

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From the National Anthem

“Our true heritage
This beloved land
So let’s defend
Till world’s end”


  • History has seen the power of
    the Khuth Daung (Fighting Peacock)
    with Oway (Call for Unity)
  • The World has witnessed the Rise and Fall of
    the Holy Roman Empire,
    the Third Reich
    and many ruthless dictators


The Myanmar people have displayed their Finest Hour as
Peace loving, Law Abiding Citizens
who cherish Democracy
and firmly believe that Truth will Prevail
and that
the heartless Perpetrators who are trying to sell the Golden Land
will be held accountable for their injustice and treason

The Power Mongers and their toadies
cut Communication Channels;
propagated false news via its unethical TV stations and newspapers;
treated honest people (doctors, teachers) as criminals;
blatantly ignored Human Rights (e.g shooting innocent youths in the head and boasting their heinous acts);
and much more

The people have suffered immensely by the Power Mongers
who do not value Law and Order, Liberty, Equality, Ethics, Civics, Hygiene, Education
and even their hand crafted Constitution.

They have expressed loud and clear to the World Leaders that
U Win Myint is the President of Myanmar;
Democratically elected representatives must be released immediately;
Law and Order must be restored;
Kidnapping Myanmar is a Crime

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